ALL TIME Tier List Of OP Champions League of Legends | From Beta To Patch 9.11-9.12

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Today, let’s talk about an all time tier list, a tier list from the beta and old seasons of league of legends, to patch 9.11 and patch 9.12 tier list. These should be some of the best champions of all time and most op champions ever with the highest win rates ever. This should be a list of the best champions in league of legends and in history.

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Patch 9.12 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20

Patch 9.12 Tier List, Patch 9.11 Tier List

Tyler1 plays against tank fizz

Pantsaredragon Skarner

Jeremy’s Video on Highest Win rates ever:

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50 comentarios

  1. Let me know what you guys think of the video if you liked it and if I missed anything huge. Obviously I could go on for hours about this, specifically mid laners that were strong such as Season 3 Akali, Release Diana, Ziggs during season 4 meta where you perma waveclear, Zoe on her release, Yasuo in season 4 and again in season 8 with conqueror, etc. Limiting this list was super tricky for every role but I tried to talk about some things that maybe you guys didn't know!

  2. make a second video of this topic.. i suggest ap yi and sion way back.for the run down.
    ap yi:
    Q- automatically reduce your health by 3/4 and kills you with dfg.
    W- literally heals him twice fold than his current health.
    E- doesn't do that much but when you have your lichbane then even a full MR maokai knows what hell is.
    R- unli resets and gives a tons of speed so you can dodge.
    Ap Sion:
    Q- gifts you gray screen always with just one button.
    W- twice fold armor than his current hp and much better thann master yi's w because i cant be cancelled even they luckily hit you with CC.
    E- sustain lifesteal even doesn't have AD because lifesteals way back can scale in ap.Lichbane with this guy can finish the unfinished business of his Q.
    R- gives you a 100 fuckin % of lifesteal and attack speed.. imagine you have 1hp and hit a minion once and comes back with full hp.

  3. Azir also belongs in the S-tier of midlane champions. The bird wizard was straight up broken for over 2 years in pro play. Faker famously had to share his midlane spot with Easyhoon simply because Easyhoon was the better Azir player – that was enough to share a spot with the best midlaner of all time in his prime !

  4. You should have mentioned Karma in the ardent section. She was easily just as good as Lulu and Janna and became the go to support during that time since she could provide damage before getting ardent

  5. Nice idea to a video… but very unorganized and messy – only words words, talk talk and old gameplay
    no edit, no graphics not even a single graphic, visual list?
    did you really didn't missed these details?

  6. One shot everyone release Zoe was honestly not that bad to play against, not because you had a chance to win, but because it was hilarious to watch yourself get one shot on Sej by a fed Zoe at 15

  7. Tank Fizz and not Tank Ekko? y tho?
    And if you wanna mention Runes Reforged GP you REALLY should mention post rework GP. The 98% banrate at world, Triforce 4 IE building 2k+ damage with one combo and more base HP, health regen and mana regen than a freaking darius. I learned to play the champion back then, and i only managed to get good at him because he was so busted. As i was learning him he was getting nerfed, so that learning experience was fun xD

    Aaaand no Runeglaive Ez?

  8. Idk man, good video you touched on many of the strongest Champs but you missed one that I feel like was up there for at least an honorable mention.. Shaco, the boxes at red buff finishing it before and getting to the enemy Buff before they even finish it. I made so many people rage quit before the 3 minute mark

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