Chivas Prevail, Champions League Heartbreak for Toronto

“Chasing History” follows MLS teams as they attempt to win the CONCACAF Champions League for the first time ever.

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23 comentarios

  1. It was a great team that Toronto of the best teams in the MLS that I saw
    They did not complicate it but we managed to win the championship in penalties at home
    They will play Toronto after football rematches Greetings
    Arriba las chivas!!!
    Go Toronto!!!

  2. yes Chivas was at bottom # 17 in local league but that's because players weren't getting compensation for the last two double final tittles they just had won so they for-fit the league and focused on this one making it 3 tittles worth of money bonuses that now the teams federation has to pay each player. even the players said it themselves they didn't take the home league seriously no one likes working for free .

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  4. even if toronto had won the concacaf champions, would not mean that MLS is picking up on Liga MX, MLS needs to win several championships before they can claim to be on par with Liga MX, but hats off to toronto, they beat two titans of Mexico, they deserved the championship, but champions are won not deserve.

  5. I think it was the great oportunity for MLS to win the trophy, cause Chivas had a lot of problems in local tournament, I mean it wasn't the strongest version of the team, I don't think the liga MX teams let this happens again, so sorry MLS, hehehe

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