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THW Kiel x AG Kobenhavn 2011 Handball Champions League

#Handball – Handball 2019 – #kézilabda


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THW Kiel x AG Kobenhavn 2011 Handball Champions League

Balonmano – Håndbold – Kézilabda – Handbolti – Pакомет – Piłka ręczna – лопта – Handball – Handbolti – Handbol – Handebol

Handball, Handebol, Balonmano, Håndbold, Kézilabda, Handbolti, Pакомет, «Piłka ręczna», лопта – Handbolti – Handbol – Handebol

Pallamano Pilkareczna Kezilabda Rukomet Rokomet Rukomet Handbold

Handball Video

Credits by European Handball Federation
Images by European Handball Federation


Hentbol – Handboll

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Interesting Facts About Olympic Countries – Australia

Did you know …

Australia has attended all Summer Olympic Games (1896-2004). Unlike Japan, Germany, Norway and the United States, it participated in the Olympic Games in 1980.

Teddy Flack won two gold medals (800m and 1500m) at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, the capital city of Grece. Edwin Harold "Teddy" Flack was the first Australian sportspeople to win an Olympic medal.

Dawn Fraser was a great Australian swimmer. She was born on September 4, 1937 in Adelaide, Australia. This sportswoman won four Olympic titles (1956, 1960, 1964). She also won 23 National Championships: 100m (7), 200m (8), 400m (5), 100 m butterfly (2), 200m medley (1). Dawn, the swimming star and idol national, won 8 medals at the 1958 and 1962 Commonwealth Games. During her sports career, Dawn set 27 world records. She was called "The Queen of Swimming" by Pat Besford, one of the best sportswriters of the world.

From 1938 to 2007, Australia has hosted several international competitions:

The British Empire Games (1938)

The Summer Olympic Games (1956)

The Commonwealth Games (1962)

The FIFA World Youth Championship (1981)

The Commonwealth Games (1982)

The World Athletics Cup (1985)

The Pan Pacific Swimming Championship (1987)

The FINA World Championship (1994)

The IAAF World Junior Championship (1996)

The FINA World Championship (1998)

The Pan Pacific Swimming Championship (1999)

The Summer Olympic Games (2000)

The Paralympic Games (2000)

The Commonwealth Games (2006)

The FINA World Championship (2007)

Melissa Wu has Chinese ancestry. Who is Melissa ?. She is one of the best youngest divers of the world. She was born on May 3, 1992 in Sydney. Under the leadership of Xiangning Chen (her coach), she won a gold medal in the 10m platform event at the FINA World Junior Championships in Kula Lumpur (Malaysia). Melissa also won a silver medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne (Australia). Before the Commonwealth Games, Melissa won three gold medals at the 1995 Australian Championship. This athlete resides in Brisbane, Australia. Currently, she is training very hard. "I get let out of school about an hour early each day to come to trining. I do one less subject that the others so I can catch up on homework and assignments.But teachers and school friends understand this demanding daily routine.They are really happye for me! ", she says.

This country has participated in the Commonwealth Games 18 times: Hamilton'1930, London '1934, Sydney' 1938, Auckland '1950, Vancouver' 1954, Cardiff '1958, Perth'1962, Kingston'1966, Edinburgh'1970, Christchurch'1974 , Edmonton'1978, Brisbane'1982, Edinburgh'1986, Auckland '1990, Victoria' 1994, Kuala Lumpur '1998, Manchester' 2002 and Melbourne'2006.

The Australian men's volleyball team qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece. At the Olympic Qualification Tournamente in Tokyo, Australia defeated many teams such as Japan (host country), South Korea and the People's Republic of China. For the first time, Australia beating Japan, who won three medals at the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games. The Australian team was trained by Jon Uriarte (Argentina), who was one of the best volleyball players in the 1980s. The Olympic players were: Brett alderman, David Beard, Matthew Young, Luke Campbell, Zane Christensen, Hidde van Beest, Grant Sorensen, Travis Moran, Dan Howard, Andrew Earl, David Ferguson and Benjamin Hardy.

From 1896 to 1972, Australia won 63 Olympic gold medals.

Catherine "Cathy" Salome Freeman is an iconic figure in Australia's sports. She became the first Aborigine to win an Olympic gold medal since James Franciscus "Jim" Thorpe (United States) at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games. Like Dawn Frasser (Olympic champion), Sir Frank (Nobel Prize in Medicine), Shane Gould (Olympic champion) and Patrick White (Nobel Prize for Literature), she was elected Australian of the Year (1998).

Date birth: 16/2/1973

Place of birth: Slade Point, Mckay, Queensland

Event (track & field): 400m

Distinctions: 1st at the 2003 Australian Championship; 1st at the 2000 Grand Prix; 1st at the 2000 Golden League; 1st at the 2000 Olympic Games; 1st at the 2000 Australian Championship; 2nd at the 1999 IAAF World Indoor Championship; 1st at the 1999 Australian Championship; 1st at the 1999 World Athletics Championship; 1st at the 1998 Australian Championship; 1st at the 1997 World Athletics Championship; 1st at the 1997 Australian Championship; 1st at the 1996 IAAF Grand Prix; 2nd at the 1996 Olympic Games; 4th at the 1995 World Athletics Championship; 1st at the 1995 Australian Championship; 2nd at the 1994 IAAF Grand Prix; 1st at the Commonwealth Games; 3rd at the 1992 Australian Championship.

This country has great athletes in this century: Libby Lenton (swimming / world champion, 2007), Nathan Deakes (athletics / world champion, 2007), Chantelle Newbery (diving / Olympic gold medalist, 2004), Anna Meares (cycling / Olympic gold (2004), Simon Fairweather (archery / Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Ryan Bayley (cycling / Olympic gold medalist, 2004), Sara Carrigan (cycling / Olympic gold medalist, 2004), Gail Miller (water polo / Olympic gold medalist , 2000), Leisel Jones (swimming / world champion, 2007), Scott McGlory (Olympic gold medalist, 2000). Michael Diamond (shooting / Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Jana Rawlinson (track & field / world champion, 2007), Matt Welsh (swimming / world champion, 2007), Philip Dutton (equestrian / Olympic gold medalist, 2000) (Equestrian / Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Ian Thorpe (swimming / Olympic gold medalist, 2000 and 2004), Kerry Pottharst (beach volleyball / Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Grant Hacker (swimming / Olympic gold medalist, 2000 and 2004) , Susie O'Neill (swimming / Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Mark Turboll (sailing / Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Lauren Burns (taekwondo / Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Natalie Cook (beach volleyball / Olympic gold medalist, 2000) ) and Jessicah Schipper (swimming / world champion, 2007).

The Australian men's basketball team is one of the best of the world.

Top performances:

1956 Melbourne Olympic Games-12th place (host country)

1964 Tokyo Olympic Games-9th place

1970 FIBA ​​World Championship-12th place

1972 Munich Olympic Games-9th place

1974 FIBA ​​World Championship-12th place

1976 Montreal Olympic Games-8th place

1978 FIBA ​​World Championship-7th place

1980 Moscow Olympic Games-8th place

1982 FIBA ​​World Championship-5th place

1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games-7th place

1986 FIBA ​​World Championship-17th place

1988 Seoul Olympic Games-4th place

1990 FIBA ​​World Championship-7th place

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games-6th place

1994 FIBA ​​World Championship-5th place

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games-4th place

1998 FIBA ​​World Championship-9th place

2000 Sydney Olympic Games-4th place

2004 Athens Olympic Games-9th place

2006 FIBA ​​World Championship-13th place

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UEFA Champions League 2018/19 – Clash of Champions | PROMO

This might be the most exciting Champions League tournament in a long while. So many good teams have had good transfer windows. 2-3 potential group of deaths, and Madrid’s stronghold might finally be broken

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Olympiacos vs AN Brescia| Full Match | Final8 Len Champions League 2018/19 QF4

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Please watch: «Hungary Nederlands Full Match BENU KUPA 2019»


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PGA Championship Golf Tournament – The Big Letdown

The PGA Championship is normally my least favorite tournament of the 4 majors. The PGA seems to copy the US Open in it course selection. Both tournaments typically chose old classic courses with poor optics for television and seemingly redundant holes. Contrarily this year, as was the case in 2004, the tournament was held at Whistling Straits, a «links» golf course. The Straits has a wide variety of holes and plenty of disaster awaiting every shot.

Digressing: if you saw the coverage this week you may share my impression that Whistling Straits looked like a target golf course dropped into a sandbox. When I think of a links course I think of St. Andrews, Troon and Bandon Dunes (Oregon) where they have pot bunkers in the middle of the fairway right where you want to hit your tee shot. They require that you play bump and run shots into greens. Many good drives are propelled into the rough. True links courses require precision, luck and talent. I’m not saying that Whistling Straits isn’t a great course and that it wasn’t exciting, however it’s my opinion that it isn’t a «true» links course and shouldn’t be advertised as such. It’s a beautiful monument to golf, an extremely difficult course that has brought many very good golfers to their knees.

What a great golf tournament we «almost» witnessed. Nick Watney leading by 3 strokes after three rounds fell off one of Pete Dyes’ greens and into oblivion, ending the day with an 81 and in a tie for 18th. Matt Kucher, the second round leader played steady golf but could only manage to be 1 over for that last two days. Rory Mcllroy and Steve Elkington both having several opportunities to take the lead and win the tournament as Zach Johnson’s drive for the top spot was running out of gas. The possibility of the first professional from China to win on «the tour» would have sent a tsunami throughout the east. What really made this tournament exciting was the three-way battle of the eventual winner, the very consistent Martin Kaymer and the two unbelievable bombers, Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson who put on a show of not only power but accuracy, touch and a great putting display.

In every thriller there is always a hero, requiring there also be a villain. My villain of the PGA Championship was the PGA. It’s not because they disqualified Dustin Johnson for grounding his club in a trap (a violation known by anyone who has played the game more than once) but because they didn’t designate a majority of the sand as waste areas where grounding your club is not a penalty.

We all know that sand traps, whether around greens, in the fairway, or in the rough must be raked after being used. Many of Whistling Straits’ traps were used as pathways for the huge galleries. An unending number of times during the telecast the announcers pointed out that there were roughly 1,200 sand traps on the course property. One trap was curiously placed behind one of the teeing areas, for what purpose I am unsure. The exact number couldn’t be determined because some were covered with vegetation over the years and weren’t visible. This should have been a huge «elephant in the room» on the golf course for the PGA.

Their failure to properly address this issue is bound to place Dustin Johnson’s name alongside that of Roberto DeVisenzo. Roberto was the apparent winner of The Masters in 1968 who signed his score card with an incorrect score and it is still talked about during at least half of every golf telecast. Roberto’s disqualification was uniquely ironic, because the error was not even to his advantage. The signed score card had a 4 entered, when he actually shot a 3 on the hole causing him to be disqualified.

Are the PGA Tour tournaments about golf tournaments or about the rules of golf, many of which make little sense? Dustin Johnson didn’t lose an opportunity to win his first major, the PGA lost some credibility,as well as a larger-than-life showdown between the two biggest hitters in the game.

For me, the playoff excitement and the air in my balloon escaped through a Pete Dye-sized bunker.


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Top 5 Champions League Embarrassments

Diving, cheating, horrible performances are part and parcel of the game, but what are the worst embarrassments for a Champions League team ever? Find out in our latest Top 5.

Soccer culture and the game itself are energetic, vibrant, and exciting. At the heart of this are the fans. Today’s fans have the opportunity to define the culture and identify of the future of the sport. KICK is pushing the soccer agenda at home and abroad through daily content and editorial that celebrates and empowers fans of the beautiful game.

This is our game. Now is our time.

Between our daily news show, The Mixer, and our on location pieces, KICK is bringing the world’s game to you. We don’t care if it’s Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Portland vs. Seattle, or your two local teams – they all have a place here at KICK.

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What Can an Entrepreneur Learn From the NCAA Championships?

March Madness has again come and gone. Ending in a crescendo of applause and excitement that is rife with new opportunity for the players. The players can celebrate their new success and begin to look forward optimistically to whatever new challenges they will face next in their lives. Their success in basketball no doubt came from the hard work, determination, desire to overcome obstacles, risk taking and many other personal values ​​needed to become a champion athlete. Who knows what new journey these athletes lives may take. Some will no doubt go on to find further basketball success in the NBA and begin lives as a professional athletes. Even though, they will all retire from basketball and move on to other endeavors. How will the values ​​that made them champions help them later in life?

Most people have been involved with sports at some level (even if not at the NCAA Championship level) and therefore are able to understand the kind of effort it takes to succeed in sports. They recognize that an athlete may have natural talent but they also know how much work it takes to become a champion athlete. Hard work, determination, the desire to overcome obstacles, risk taking; these are the values ​​it takes to become a champion and they are also the values ​​it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Some athletes are able to carry these values ​​over into their next career but others are never able to make the transition.

Likewise, there are people who think becoming a successful entrepreneur come simply from being in the right place at the right time or because the entrepreneur happens to come from a well connected family. But most successful entrepreneurs, like successful athletes, would say success in business takes the same type of hard work, determination, the desire to overcome obstacles, and risk taking that you see in an athlete. There are lessons we can learn from sports examples to learn how to apply these same values ​​when applied to business.

We hear lots of sports success stories but they all seem to end once the championship game is over. Unfortunately, most sports stories are cliff hangers that leave us to wonder what the rest of the athletes life will be like. We do not know whether the values ​​that bought them to the championship was a onetime affair or if the athlete is able to transition these values ​​into the next phase of his or her life with that same level of determination? What would happen if the story were to continue and we were able to follow the life of a champion athlete to see how he transitioned the values ​​that led to his earlier success in sports into entrepreneurial values ​​that bought similar success in business? If we were to look at the lives of one of these athletes, we would find lessons there that could help other non-athletes learn these same entrepreneurial values ​​and understand how to apply them in their own lives?

One of the lessons we might learn comes from an athlete's willingness to try over and over again. If they lose one game, they do not quit but rather come back and work harder the next time. We know that athletes do not usually compete in just a single event. In their sports career they compete in many tournaments and championship events. They apply the same values ​​over and over to become serial champions in the same way serial entrepreneurs build winning businesses over and over. Successful entrepreneurs do not quit just because one thing does not work for them. They come back, apply what they've learned from the loss and then start over again.

Athletes know that overcoming obstacles is part of the game. If one play does not work they continue to try another and another until they find a way to succeed. Successful entrepreneurs need to do the same thing when the obstacle to their success looks too great. Just like an athlete, "no" should not be an option. Successful entrepreneurs continue to search until they find the path to success. Entrepreneurs know that business is not a game and must also understand that winning means learning and applying these entrepreneurial values ​​over and over.

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