[AIK – Helsingborgs IF 2-0] Drömmen om Champions league lever!

I den här videon har vi med oss Omid som fortsatt tror på champions league spel. Vidare tror han inte att Djurgården kan utmana om guldet i det långa loppet utan menar att truppen är för tunn och för dålig mot de bästa lagen i allsvenskan. Vi har även med oss Linus som inte bryr sig om något lag förutom AIK. Han tycker att det var en stabil seger mot ett Helsingborg som har imponerat på sistone. Vidare hoppas han att AIK ska kunna stå som segrare när allsvenskan summeras samt att man ska kvala in till CL.

Vad tycker ni om matchen? Kan AIK vinna guld och kvala till CL? Vem kommer vinna derbyt? Håller ni med i diskussionen?

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Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD Uefa Champions League Android (Offline+Online) 350 MB HD Graphics

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JUVE 1-4 REAL MADRID! Real Duodecima! Real win the Champions League! (Parody Goals & Highlights)

Ronaldo comforts Buffon with a heartfelt song as Juventus lose to Real!
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Mandzukic scores a worldie! Ramos gets Cuadrado sent off!
Casemiro and Asensio score but it’s all about the GOAT!

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The 27th SL Champions League – Semi Finals Match 2 – Entin Vs BenBlazing

A showdown of solid cores vs heavy offense leads to a clash for a shot at the finals, but who’ll see the chance to set up for victory? Lets find out!

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And don’t forget to check out The Silver League Forums if you wanna continue the discussion with fans of this game and others!


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Nesta terça-feira tem duelo inglês nas quartas de final da Liga dos Campões. Tottenham x Manchester City. Tem favorito pra esse jogo? Confere aí minha análise!

#championsleague #ligadoscampeoes #tottenham #mancity


Link do vídeo:


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Why the NBA Playoffs are More Exciting Than They Used to Be

8 in a row and 10 out of 12.

6 in a row.

5 out of 10.

At first glance, these numbers seem like batting averages or shooting percentages. If they were, they would be pretty impressive. However, these numbers are even more striking as the realization sets in that they represent the number of times a single NBA team has won the championship. The legendary Celtics of the ’50’s and ’60’s won 8 straight titles and 10 out 12 from 1957 to 1969 under Red Auerbach. With Michael Jordan at the helm, the Chicago Bulls won the championship 6 straight times and won every finals in which they appeared. During the 1980’s, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the rest of the Lakers won 5 championships and appeared in 3 more finals.

Simply put, during these eras in basketball history, you pretty much knew what was going to happen in the playoffs. The Celtics were going to stifle their opponents with unpenetrable defense, the Lakers were going to employ their unstoppable «showtime» tactics, and the Bulls were going to let Jordan loose. Even though each of these teams exhibited sublime poise and talent, the playoffs were only exciting for the fans of the aformentioned teams. As close as the opposition got to winning, fans around the country knew who was going to eventually win the championship. The lack of anticipation and suspense created a less exciting atmosphere for basketball fans.

However, as of late, the NBA playoffs have been more up in the air. Aside from a few years dominated by the Lakers and the Spurs, the playoffs have been less of a forgone conclusion, attracting more and more viewers each year. During this decade alone, 4 different teams have already won the championship, including two teams (the Pistons and the Heat) who haven’t won the championship in a long time.

I tend to compare these two eras in NBA history to watching movies. The earlier years, dominated by the former NBA titans, were tantamount to watching the same movie over and over again. Even though the movie is a classic, it gets a little boring. Knowing what happens in the final scene takes away from the experience. However, seeing teams like the Warriors and Cavaliers make the playoffs and upset some of the better teams in the league is like watching a twisted Steven King film. You are amazed and surprised when it happens, and you still can’t believe it long after it ends. In short, lack of knowledge is preferable to knowing the outcome. Does that mean that it would be good for the league for the Bulls, Lakers and Celtics never to win the championship again? No. In fact, when they do, we feel a sense of nostalgia, much like a watching a classic we had seemingly forgotten about. Nevertheless, variety is the spice of life and when new teams do well in the NBA playoffs, it makes for a more exciting summer.

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MUD FIM Motocross World Championship REVIEW

The first thing that’s going to grab you when you fire this game up are the menus. MUD’s menus look like something straight out of a comic book. It’s a shame that the art style doesn’t stay consistent when it comes to the actual gameplay. The game’s tracks often feature lots of impressive details like giant, inflatable Monster Energy cans and other cool track side scenery, but overall, the graphics are a little bland. I couldn’t help but wish that the game used the comic book style throughout the game. It’s a bizarre design decision. On one hand you have these great menus that come to life with tons of personality, and then you have the in-game graphics, which are basically the opposite. The soundtrack is not going to be to everyone’s taste either. MUD features a fairly small track list, comprised of screechy, emo acts. Most players will likely turn the music off as it gets pretty dreary, fairly quickly.

MUD is split into three game modes – an «Official Mode», «MUD World Tour» and «Multiplayer». The Official Mode features all the real riders and teams from the FIM MX1, MX2 and the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations championships. You can jump into a quick race or start a championship with your favorite rider. While motocross fans and enthusiasts will likely enjoy taking to the track with their favorite riders, there is not a lot on offer here for gamers that aren’t familiar with the sport. There are no bios or any other information about any of the riders. Other than a star rating out of five, if you don’t know who these guys are, you’re on your own. The multiplayer allows you to pick your favorite rider and race up to 15 other players online. You’ll have a hard time finding any multiplayer matches and there are no local or split screen multiplayer options.Luckily, that’s where MUD’s World Tour mode comes in.

MUD World Tour is where you are going to be spending most of your time. You start the MUD World Tour by selecting one of four «heroes». It’s not so much a career mode, as it is an events mode. You earn coins by completing different events and then spend them on upgrading your rider’s talents, buying new motocross gear and unlocking new events. The events can become a bit of a grind after a while, as you need to buy new events in order to make progress. MUD’s World Tour includes standard races, checkpoint races, head to head races, elimination cups and trick battles. There’s also something called the «Monster Energy Trick Battle». In essence, a freestyle motocross bonus that allows you to ride around a number of small arenas, pulling off tricks and setting high scores. It could have been a nice distraction from the racing, but awkward physics and the fact you only start with a handful of tricks spoil the overall experience. Like everything else in the MUD World Tour, tricks have to be brought and can be very expensive. The bikes lack any sense of weight in this mode making them feel more like a shoe that has been tossed in the air, rather than a 100kg dirt bike. Spending coins on customizing your hero can also be a little counter-productive. Buying new helmets, for example, offers no incentives for the player.The only customization in terms of motorbikes is in the form of different liveries. There are no other visual or performance upgrades available. It would have been nice to pick from different motocross machines and be able to customize them.

No matter what mode you decide to play, there is fun to be had. MUD plays like an arcade game. Simple controls, an emphasized focus on performing scrubs and a boost function in the form of «energy drinks» make up the core gameplay mechanics. The bikes don’t slide around, you don’t have to worry about clutch or changing gears and you don’t even have to manage the rider’s weight. There are no independent front and rear brake buttons. Right trigger button for gas, left for brake. That’s it. The simple controls may disappoint motocross fans as controlling the dirt bikes is incredibly easy and straight forward. For everyone else, the controls make MUD really accessible and easy to pick up and play.

The biggest problem with MUD, is that it doesn’t cater to its audience. The game feels too arcadey for die hard motocross fans, but doesn’t feature enough content to suck new players into the world of motocross racing. Inconsistent physics and presentation also hurt the overall experience. MUD does offer a sweet spot that can be a lot of fun, if you are the sort of person that gets excited by the thrill of racing dirt bikes around.

5 – Okay

+ Official FIM MX1, MX2 and MEMoN licence

+ Pick up and play arcade controls

– Bland visuals

– Awkward physics

– Limited content

Camisetas de fútbol 2019 online,Comprar Camisetas de futbol baratas precio más barato y envío rápido y de los mejores equipos y selecciones del mundo de Hombre,Mujer y Niños.

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UEFA Champions League 2018-2019 ● Todos gols [HD]

Run – Murad (NCN Release)
Janji – Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) [NCS Release]

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Camisetas de futbol baratas Tienda online, Comprar Camiseta futbol precio más barato y envío rápido. En nuestra tienda de Camisetas de futbol baratas.

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