[AIK – Helsingborgs IF 2-0] Drömmen om Champions league lever!

I den här videon har vi med oss Omid som fortsatt tror på champions league spel. Vidare tror han inte att Djurgården kan utmana om guldet i det långa loppet utan menar att truppen är för tunn och för dålig mot de bästa lagen i allsvenskan. Vi har även med oss Linus som inte bryr sig om något lag förutom AIK. Han tycker att det var en stabil seger mot ett Helsingborg som har imponerat på sistone. Vidare hoppas han att AIK ska kunna stå som segrare när allsvenskan summeras samt att man ska kvala in till CL.

Vad tycker ni om matchen? Kan AIK vinna guld och kvala till CL? Vem kommer vinna derbyt? Håller ni med i diskussionen?

Tyck till i kommentarsfältet!

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REAL MADRID vs BARCELONA | UEFA Champions League Final 2019/2020 | PES 2019

This video is gameplay of Real Madrid vs Barcelona in UEFA Champions League final match.

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10 Amusing English Soccer Trivia

The mad soccer scene does not seem to quite go away, does it? Certainly not after Manchester United’s emphatic victories en route to last season’s English Premier League and Champions League titles. Then came the European Championship in June where perennial under-achievers Spain stole the limelight and emerged champions.

And who can forget about the epic tussle of Cristiano Ronaldo between Manchester United and Real Madrid that hogged the sporting headlines every single day during off-season?

As the world focus its attention on the Olympics held in Beijing, the newest EPL season started on a quiet note with the Big Four – Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal – once again expected to lord over the rest.

Thankfully, amid the brutality and competitiveness of the English game, there are many interesting incidents which are quite laughable. Enjoy yourself here with a few amusing ones.

1) Liverpool were one of the last top-flight English teams to install an electronic scoreboard at Anfield, its home ground. But an electronic error once caused the board to read «LIVERPOOL 54 EVERTON 0». What a smashing game it would have been!

2) Ex-Irish international and Liverpool player Jason McAteer was asked on a credit card application form to fill in his position at the company he was working for. He wrote, «Right back». Unbelievable!

3) Manchester United great Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who just had his testimonial match last month, once trained as a wrestler before he became a soccer player. Incidentally, his dad Oyvind was Norway’s Greco-Roman wrestling champion from 1966 – 1971.

4) John Burridge became the oldest player ever to appear in the Premiership match in April 1995. Then he kept goal for Manchester City against Newcastle United at the grand age of 43 years, 4 months and 26 days. What a sport, I say!

5) In a country where racism rears its ugly head commonly, Uriah Rennie became the first black referee in the Premiership in August 1997. He was placed in charge of the Leeds versus Crystal Palace match and has a Master’s in Business Administration and Law, in addition to his black belt in martial arts!

6) Derby County, one of the oldest professional soccer clubs in the world, was one of the 12 founder members of the Football League in 1884. Their original kit was in chocolate, amber and pale blue and has (thankfully) changed to black and white now.

7) Streaker Mark Roberts ran onto the pitch and managed to score a goal in the Liverpool versus Chelsea game in 2000. He was slapped by a magistrate with a £100 fine. Loose change for some infamy!

8) Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who bought over Chelsea has an unusual middle name. Try pronouncing ‘Arkadievich’.

9) Fabrice Fernandes who played for Southampton in 2003 against Bolton highlighted his annoyance with a dubious free kick given against his team by falling to the ground and rolling in front of the referee. He was booked instantly.

10) How about something from a lesser team instead? Torquay’s manager Leroy Rosenior is the most short-lived manager in football history. He was in charge for only 10 minutes before the club owner Mike Bateson agreed to sell his stake to a consortium. And there you have it – all 10 of them. I hope you have enjoyed smiling at these trivia as much as I have enjoyed digging them out for you. Have a nice day ahead!

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The Four Year Plan

In 2007 Queens Park Rangers Football Club, facing relegation and bankruptcy, was rescued by four high-profile billionaires. Their vision: to take a community of reluctant fans, semi-talented players and a roster of ever-changing managers to Premiership glory. The new owners, risking ridicule and commercial failure, allowed cameras unprecedented access to record the roller-coaster ride. Witness one of modern football’s most extraordinary tales as we see boardroom battles, clashing egos, and behind the scenes drama.

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The Top 5 Aussie Netball Players of the Modern Era

Netball has been a popular sport for over fifty years, and has become one of the major women’s sports in a number of countries. Traditionally, it has been dominated by commonwealth countries, especially Australia and New Zealand. Australia has won ten of fifteen World Netball Championships – including the most recent in 2015 – and has dominated almost every international competition they have played in. It makes sense therefore that the Aussie team contains some of the best netballers in the world. Here are the top five Aussie players of the modern era*:

1. Caitlin Bassett

Often considered to be one of the best goal shooters in netball history, Caitlin Bassett has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. According to most netball experts and major publications, Bassett is the most valuable player in world netball. She has been a part of the Australian Diamonds international team since 2008, and is renowned for her accurate shooting.

Probably the best example of this was in the 2011 World Netball Championships, where she missed just four goals for the entire tournament. Her final score of 151 from 155 shots, going at 97.5%, is considered one of the best individual tournament performances ever. She has a best score of 49 goals in a game, reached twice during her career.

In 2015 Basset was the first goal shooter to win the Liz Ellis Diamonds award, which recognizes Australia’s player of the year. Her 2015 campaign saw her shoot 964 goals in both international and domestic competition, which was a career best. She was also the first Western Australian to be awarded the Liz Ellis Diamonds award.

2. Sharni Layton

Sharni Layton is one of the Diamond’s defensive stalwarts, having held down a position at wing defence, goal defence, or goal keeper since her debut in 2010. She has consistently been among the best players for the New South Wales Swifts, winning their Player’s Player Award in 2014. In 2010, Layton was crowned the best young player of the MARS ANZ championship.

Layton took her game to the next level in 2015, as she was crowned the ANZ Championship Player of the Year. She finished her year as the top Australian defender, with 49 intercepts, 112 deflections, 85 gains, and 36 defensive rebounds. This led to her first selection in the ANZ Championship All-Star team.

Following her break-out 2015 season, Layton has enjoyed a stella 2016. As the Diamond’s acting Vice-Captain for much of the year, she has helped lead the team to a number of important victories, including a those over fellow world heavy weights England, New Zealand, and South Africa. With Layton’s leadership from Goal Keeper, Australia recently bought home the inaugural Netball Quad Series title with a five goal win over New Zealand.

3. Natalie Medhurst

Medhurst has been a part of the Australian team since 2007, and is among the most capped players in history, with 80 international games to her name. She has been a part of three Netball World Championship winning teams, and has won both a gold and a silver medal at the Commonwealth games.

At 32 years old, Medhurst is one of the oldest international players in the world. However, this hasn’t stopped her from continually improving, and it could be argued that she is a better player now than she has ever been. A good example of this is the fact the she was named the Most Valuable Player in the Diamond’s last match, the final of the Netball Quad Series.

Although Medhurst has forged her reputation as one of the world’s best goal attackers and goal scorers over the past decade or so, she has recently begun to play in wing attack more regularly. However when she returns to goal attack, she continues to show why her and Caitlin Bassett form one of the best attacking combinations in the world.

4. Kim Ravaillion

At just 23 years old, Kim Ravaillion has rapidly progressed through netball rankings to become one of the world’s premier centers. She is the only player to have ever made her international debut before her ANZ Championship debut, a feat she achieved at just 19. She has become one of the shining lights of Australian netball, playing important roles in Australia’s wins in the recent Netball Quad Series, the 2015 World Championship, and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Ravaillion is one of world netball’s most consistent and exciting young players, and barring injury, we can expect her to take the title as the world’s best at some point in the next few years. With her strong influence in the center of the court, expect the Diamonds to be extremely difficult to beat in the near future.

5. Laura Geitz

Although she has recently taken an indefinite break from netball, as she is expecting the birth of her first child, former Australian Captain Laura Geitz deserves a mention as one of the best players of the modern era. In her 29 games as captain of the Diamonds, she has lost just three. In that time, she has led Australia to gold medals at both the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2015 Netball World Cup. She has shaped the Australian team into the near unbeatable force that they are today.

In 2011 Geitz won the Liz Ellis Diamonds award as the best Australian player, and has probably deserved to win it again since. She is (or was) the second most capped player in the Diamonds squad, behind the evergreen Natalie Medhurst. She is also just the second Queenslander to reach 50 test caps and to captain Australia. Hopefully we will see more of Getiz’s great game in the future!

*Rankings are based on The Guardian’s end of 2015 player rankings. They were judged by a panel of international netball experts, including international coaches.

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FIFA 19 | Liverpool vs Celtic | 2019-20 UEFA Champions League


FIFA Women World Cup France 2019:

Champions League 2019-20 | Champions League | FIFA 19 Prediction | Goals & Highlights | Champions League 2019/2020 | AI vs AI | Full Match | Champions League Prediction

On this channel, we upload daily predictions on future football matches with the video game FIFA 19. We have predictions from primarily Premier League, UEFA Champions League, but we also predict matches from La Liga, Serie A, and the Bundesliga.

Make sure that you subscribe so you are able up to date on the latest predictions that we make

As much as we love your comments on our videos, negative comments are deleted in order to ensure a proper debate about the upcoming match.

This video is made as a prediction for an upcoming real-life fixture from the 2019-20 UEFA Champions League. As such it should solely be seen as entertainment.

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A Momentous Moment in Time

It was like unto the most unlikely of events: a 300 game deciding a National Bowling Championship; a triple play with bases loaded ending the World’s Series; the World Cup upset victory by a Gooooaaal from midfield; a whiffed drive in a playoff at the Masters; a miscue in the finals of the World Pool Championship; a love set at Wimbledon. Tom Watson winning his 6th British Open Championship, 32 years after defeating Jack Nicklaus at Turnberry and becoming by ll years the oldest golfer to win a major fully nine years after qualifying for the «SeniorTour.» The disbelieving youngsters would cry, » Shut Up, No Way!»

July 19, 2009. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the handsome man sporting a grin with the most famous diastima (front tooth separation) in the history of Sports could not in a magical moment in time, suspend time, and close the deal, claiming arguably the traditionally supreme championship in golf, The Open, with a simple stroke of an eight foot putt. What the science of Orthodontia failed to close in a half a century would have taken an act of God to close in a momentous moment in time.

It was midnight striking for Cinderella, the magnificent horse drawn carriage serenading the Prince became an immobile pumpkin drawn by varmits. Hollywood’s rendition of the parting of the Red Sea by the Staff of Moses ushered in a brief moment in history when we could see our way to the other side. Tarry not,

though, the second look, the back off, the reconsideration, is the kiss of death enroute the Promised Land. Hesitation, risks having our dreams drown in the sea crashing in around us. It is the release of the guillotine on the condemned. It is the humiliation of the chess player knowing his fate and grasping his king and lying him down in defeat, checkmate.

Almost missed getting hit by the truck of disappointment. The nay sayers masquerading as journalists chided the 59 year old Tom Watson. «You really weren’t supposed to be leading here.» Another,»On the 18th hole putt and the match play for 4 holes, it was really age and fatigue that beat you, was it not?» Watson the consummate gentleman said, «It might have looked that way, but it didn’t feel that way.» An even less chariable take would be Watson uncharacteristically exercizing the Norman Maneuver, formally known as the Heimlich Maneuver. Hard to hit a ball with both hands around your neck.

For a momentous moment in time, hope sprung eternal, the impossible seemed possible, the implausible, plausible. The false gods of the golf course played him false. They dangled immortality before a great champion and then snatched it away at the last second. «You really didn’t think you had a chance to win, did you?» This is the age, after all, of the supremely conditioned Tiger Woods; the 350 yard drive followed by a pitching wedge to within a club’s length. This is not the Champions Tour or the «Senior Tour.» This is the cherished Claret Jug of the British Open Championship.

America’s consolation came in that an American of Ryder Cup fame named Cink, sunk the final putt on 18 to tie and the putt on 18 in the playoff, to win by half a dozen strokes. After bogeying 18 Watson fell into more pieces than the famed Humpty Dumpty who fell of the wall and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not put either of them back together again. The playoff was a rout.

Lee Westwood with a reputation for occasionally dissing the Americans sought to snatch the Claret Jug back for Europe and England, stolen they allege by the Americans in the last 10 of 15 contests. But stealing from the Master Thief is always problematical. It was no less a patriot than Benjamin Franklin who never wanted the bald eagle to be our National bird because the eagle is a thief by nature who steals prey away from other birds. The final contest was between two American birds of prey, master hunters if your will.

That being said, Sunday morning the 19th of July in the Year of our Lord 2009 the real thief was Father Time. He laid before Tom Watson the most fabled comeback ever in the history of Sports and then in the end snatched it away with the crack, » You don’t really think you can do it, do you?» Doubting Tom must have heard Father Time whisper in his ear. He stroked the would be winning putt with the timidity of an uncertain suitor of Lady Turnberry. Father Time voiced his disapproval. Instead, Watson should have seized Father Time by the throat and with a final Palmer charge moved confidently in the direction of his dream and won one for the mortals, defying the odds and the jesting, jeering crowd on Mount Olympus. The King would have graciously tipped his hat to him.

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Atletico Madrid 2-0 Juventus: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Juventus have it all to do after going down 2-0 to Atletico Madrid after a tense clash at the Wanda Metropolitano in the first leg of their Last 16 Champions League clash.

Jose Gimenez and Diego Godin struck late goals, while Alvaro Morata also had an earlier effort chalked off by VAR.

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