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PES 2019 | Real Madrid vs Tottenham | UEFA Champions League

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⚽️ ΠΑΟΚ – Άγιαξ 2-2 Highlights | 3ος Προκριματικός Champions League 1ος αγ.{6.8.2019}

Ο ΠΑΟΚ ήταν εξαιρετικός για ένα ημίχρονο απέναντι στον Άγιαξ, έβαλε δυο υπέροχα γκολ με Άκπομ (32′) και Μάτος (39′), δέχτηκε δυο φτηνά τέρματα και πλέον η ρεβάνς στο Άμστερνταμ γίνεται δύσκολη.

Γήπεδο: «Τούμπα»

Διαιτητής: Σλάβκο Βίντσιτς

Βοηθοί: Τόμας Κλάντσιτς, Άντραζ Κόβατσιτς

Τέταρτος: Ράντε Ομπρένοβιτς

ΠΑΟΚ (Αμπέλ Φερέιρα): Πασχαλάκης, Μάτος, Γιαννούλης, Κρέσπο, Βαρέλα, Εσίτι, Καντουρί, Ζαμπά (79′ Στοχ), Μπίσεσβαρ (73′ Αουγκούστο), Πέλκας (64′ Λημνιός), Άκπομ.

ΑΓΙΑΞ (Έρικ Τεν Χαγκ): Ονανά, Βέλτμαν, Μαρτίνεθ, Σουρς, Ταλιαφίκο, Μαζραουί (82′ Μάριν), Φαν Ντε Μπεκ, Μπλιντ, Ζιγιές (83′ Νέρες), Ντόλμπεργκ (33′ Χούντελαρ), Τάντιτς.

Γκολ: 32′ ‘Ακπομ, 39′ Μάτος / 10′ αυτ. Γιαννούλης, 57′ Χούντελαρ

Κίτρινες: 28′ Μάτος, 37’ Μαζραουί


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Manchester United Under Malcolm Glazer

Manchester United is a term which is known to football fans all over the world. It is a football club, an English football club to be precise. It is based on Old Tafford, United Kingdom. They are also known as the «Red Devils» of England. It is one of the most famous and popular football club with more than 300 million supporters all over the world. 300 million can be roughly estimated as 5% of the total population! They are the most successful and influential club and ever since the 1990s they are rumored to be the richest clubs in existence. The club had a humble beginning during the initial stages and was even closed down on number of occasions due to mounting debts.

Being initially called the Newton Health Y&R, it was said to be sponsored by a health club. Five European trophies have been credited to them ever since the club came into existence. This included one international cup, one European super cup, two European champion’s cup, one cup winner cup. They were bestowed with 12 domestic cups and 16 premier league cups too. They were also relevant in finding and establishing Europe’s G-14 football club. Malcolm Glazer who was an American businessman had invested on Manchester United in 2005. He had paid a staggering $1.47 billion just for a 28.7% share on the team. It was after a year long battle in the courts that he could ultimately get his hands on the team.

He had faced difficulties in claiming the club, due to the facts the takeover had made the club poorer by $850 million. Also he being a businessman, fans did not like the idea of a business man holding the reins of one of the most successful football clubs of the world. They had hoped for someone who had adequate knowledge about the sport to invest on the club. Escalating prices of the tickets also angered the fans as the club often received hefty sums from advertisements and sponsorship dealings. A vast majority of the fans even went to the extent of not renewing their season tickets for the forth coming matches of the Manchester United. Songs disrespecting Glazer and his sons can still be heard on many matches played by Manchester United.

Fans worldwide have been largely discontent by the takeover of the club by Malcolm Glazer. He had played significantly no role in the upcoming of the football club. His children were the ones who enjoyed director posts of the club for sometime. Despite these shortcomings, the club has surged forward under his guidance. He had spent quite large sums of money on the club and even more in roping the world’s best football players into the club. The club had won two major cups in 2008 itself, the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. It is to be noted that the Glazer group does not interfere with the daily business dealings of Manchester united and have left such activities to David Gill, the chief executive of Manchester united. Steep increase in the prices of the tickets had prompted many faithful followers to stay away from the club matches.

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League of Legends Game Boosting

First, how about a bit of information on this game, League of Legends, that is all the rage. League of Legends (or LoL, for short) is what is known in this digital era as an MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game). The basic objective in the game is to use various strategies to wipe out your opponents’ turrets and, eventually, their home camps (known as the nexus) before your opponents wipe out your turrets and nexus. To start with, you can choose your character (or champion) from a wide variety of options as well as back up units and different items that will help your character accomplish the game objectives. You also have the ability to choose to play alone or with a team as well as which difficulty level you want to play at. That is the bare basic idea of how League of Legends works.

As with any game of this nature, part of game play is to advance through the ranks and get as strong as you can. And, of course, the stronger you are, the better your rewards for advancement and the easier the game might become. But, what do you do to advance in the ranks when you just do not have the time to devote to the process or you are just too darn frustrated to continue for a while? You might look into league of legends elo boosting to take care of this problem!

Basically, games boosting means hiring someone to run your account for you and work on gaining your advancements while you are unavailable, or using a games boosting service. If you hire someone privately, all of the terms, such as how much you will pay and how long the player will use your account, would be settled between just you and whoever you hire. You could talk to a friend or family member that plays LOL for a private games boosting arrangement. With a service, you are likely to be working with people you do not personally know but, the service will have a variety different packages available with preset prices and a whole team of other players that you can choose from. Either way you go, privately or through a service, the purpose for it is to let another player play your game and earn advancements for you.

A word of caution though. Giving your account information to anyone, for any account, can be risky so make sure you can trust whoever you decide to work with for your games boosting endeavors! A good hacker can use your one account to get into all sorts of other information related to you so do please be careful when looking for games boosting help. You might check reviews from other users and there might even be a listing with the Better Business Bureau. This sort of information can help you understand which services are trustworthy and which are not. As with anything online, it is always «better safe than sorry».

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Champions League Quarter-Final Draw – Who Did The English Sides Get?

Who drew who in the Champions League quarter-finals?

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2013 MLB Playoff Predictions

The 2013 regular season should be an exciting one. Several of the races should come down to the last week, maybe even the last game. It will tough to match the competitiveness of the 2012 playoffs, with all 4 Divisional Series and one of the League Championship Series going the distance.

In the American League, I believe that the Toronto Blue Jays will win the East and have the best record in the AL, the Los Angeles Angels will win the West with the second best record, and the Detroit Tigers will win the Central. The Wild Card teams will be the Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles.

In the National League, the Washington Nationals will win the East with the best record in all of baseball, the Cincinnati Reds will win the Central with the second best record, and the San Francisco Giants will win the West. Both of the Wild Card teams will come out of the Central: the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

In the Wild Card Round, I have the Kansas City Royals beating the Baltimore Orioles in the American League and the Milwaukee Brewers finally getting the best of the St. Louis Cardinals in a playoff round.

Next up is the Divisional Series. In the American League, the Toronto Blue Jays will take the series against the Kansas City Royals 3 games to 1, and the Detroit Tigers will stun the Los Angeles Angels 3 games to 2. In the National League, the Milwaukee Brewers will upset the Washington Nationals 3 games to 2 and the Cincinnati Reds will sweep the San Francisco Giants 3 games to none.

Both of the League Championship Series will come down to game 7, with the home team coming out on top. The Milwaukee Brewers will fall to the Cincinnati Reds and the Toronto Blue Jays will out last the Detroit Tigers.

The World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and the Toronto Blue Jays will go down as one of the most exciting. Neither team will be up by more than one game the entire series, and game 7 will be a back and forth extra inning game that ends with a game winning double hit by Joey Votto scoring Shin-Soo Choo and Brandon Phillips.

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Liverpool FC ● Road to the Champions League Final – 2018/19

Liverpool Football Club is a professional football club in Liverpool, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. The club has won 6 European Cups, more than any other English club, 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 18 League titles, 7 FA Cups, a record 8 League Cups, 15 FA Community Shields and 1 Football League Super Cup.
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